10 of the Coolest Short Hairstyles for Women

To all those who misconceive that hairstyles are to be less taken care of, here is something that will enlighten and change your perspective into much better one.

The real fact one should know about hairstyling is that it is very decisive for the entire outlook of the physical appearance. Therefore, styling up your hair in different ways is very healthy for your own personality. This way you won’t be considered as boring person at all.

Nowadays, short haircuts have became an important thing in the fashion world and it is getting hotter in the blitz world and all the trend setters now, are showing their interest towards the short hair way of styling.

1. Short Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

She looks absolutely ravishing in this short hairstyle. The tussled chin length hair with an un-even cut accentuates the darker and lighter color tone.

short cool hairstyles 1
2.    Short Neat Bob Hairstyle

This is a neat and super-classy look that never goes out of trend. The darker and lighter color tone increases the look of this asymmetric side swept hair style.

short cool bob hairstyle

3.    Cute and Chic Short Wavy Curls

For the cute and chic look, this is the perfect hairstyle. With a lot of volume in the back and back swept tresses, this short hairstyle has cuteness written all over it.

short wavy curls hairstyle

4.    Razor cut ends bob hairstyle

Short, asymmetric, side swept, this razor cut chin length hair is the epitome of perfection. Cut really short at the back with longer wispy fringe.

short blond hairstyle

5.   Very short pixie haircut

This natural colored really short pixie style hair cut is perfect for the Red Carpet. The contemporary cut is tousled and turned back on the front and the side points are expertly cut.

very short pixie haircut

6.    70s style wavy hairstyle

This is one of the ever-green classic looks you can never go wrong with. With darker shades in back and lighter tone on top, this super-silky texture and the chin length uneven cut along with the slightly turned disco look, gives this a chic look.

wavy fringe short hairstyle

7.    Super short pixie

Emma Watson can never go wrong with her super-short pixie hairstyle. Her extremely short sides with longer wispy and tousled hair on top add to her chic look.

very short pixie

8.    Asymmetric hairstyle with long fringe

This is the perfect example of a great looking asymmetric hairstyle. The shorter sides and the longer fringe are looking great on this blonde. Side swept long fringe just ups the style quotient.

long fringe layered hairstyle

9.    Short Razor Cut Hairstyle

Sharp and crispy – the words to describe this short razor cut hairstyle. Short cut on one side balances the look with longer and sharper cut on the other side with a wide side sweep.

short razor cut

10.    Side Swept Hairstyle

This short cut side swept hairstyle is perfect for the Ramp and the Red Carpet. This two toned perky hairstyle has a lot character. The neck length hair cut is given great sharp asymmetrical cuts to add to the wow factor. side swept short hairstyle

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